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Explore all the fun stages of the development process

Let’s create smart, sustainable solutions together! The journey towards a finished product or service is an exciting one. It’s filled with creative ideas, mind-blowing revelations and regulatory challenges to overcome. Helping companies navigate the product development process is Semcon’s core. Whether it’s a physcial product or digital service – every day our awesome product development teams create innovative digital and sustainable solutions with the help of new technologies.

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Some examples of our expertise:

  • Design Engineer

  • Ecodesign Expert

  • Industrial Designer

  • Mechanical Engineer

  • Project Manager

  • UX Designer

  • Product Developer

  • Simulation & Calculation Expert

  • Embedded Systems Architect

  • Cyber Security Expert

  • Test Engineer

  • Quality Engineer

  • CMF Specialist

  • Software Developer

  • Electrical Engineer

  • Sustainability Strategist

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