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How electrical engineering became my spark in life

Electrical engineer Örjan Gelemark has held five positions at twelve different organisations in a number of industries throughout his career, resulting in an impressive wealth of knowledge and experience. With his passion for new insights, Örjan is always looking to the future and on the hunt for the next exciting challenge. Find out more about this senior electrical engineer at Semcon, who shares some of the lessons he’s learned from his electrical engineering career.


My interest in technology and electrical engineering began early on, when I was little. I used to play with my toy steam engine, electric trains and the great experiment box “The little electrician”. My interest in all things to do with this subject just kept on growing from then on, and my career objective was to learn new things about electrical engineering and highly complex power transmission matters.

From design engineering in telecoms to domestic construction assignments

I started out with the electrical/telecoms disciplines, working in roles such as designer, maintenance engineer and test manager before moving on to more senior roles such as sub-project manager, nuclear training supervisor and quotation work. I’ve worked on design assignments, operation and maintenance assignments in the nuclear power industry and construction assignments in the truck industry and domestic distribution. I’ve also produced technical descriptions and designed and constructed high-voltage switchgear in all disciplines.

The opportunity to try out a variety of roles has given me a great deal of expertise and insight into all the steps required for technical assignments, such as the importance of understanding each individual element in the project phases and establishing realistic schedules, as well as careful follow-up and experience feedback.

One thing all industries have in common is just how important it is to understand what customers need in both the short term and the long term. And making sure they access the right tools and electrical engineering expertise so that they can perform indicative calculations and create the best conditions for secure environments and technical development.

There’s always something new to learn

Even though I’ve developed a great deal of expertise in electrical engineering, I’m still curious about things and new challenges provide me with inspiration. I’m fascinated by market analyses, trends and new features among my day-to-day tasks.

I also love being part of a dynamic team and working in an organisation where everyone’s creativity and views are valued and where people can grow and reach new goals. I really enjoy the fast pace of work at the office, and I think the social part of what we do is very important. I want to really enjoy work together with my colleagues!

I felt early on that the culture at Semcon was right for me. It’s an international, multicultural company offering the option of working remotely and with colleagues from other offices. These conditions and values were sorely lacking in my previous jobs. My own personal plan now is to develop as an engineer, a leading designer or a parts/project manager where I get to combine technology with in-depth development.

My advice for junior engineers

If I were 25 again and had just completed my engineering degree, I’d have made sure I learned more about project management, cost calculations and valuable tools for more effective analysis of needs. To just make better, more effective decisions earlier on. I’d also make sure I learned how to be a good listener. Discussions with customers are every bit as important as technical know-how if you’re going to achieve successful delivery. And hopefully, this also results in long-term customer relationships characterised by trust, and more challenging and inspirational assignments going forward.

Finally, be sure to follow your passion and grow your skills. Personally, I’ve always been driven, I’ve protected my independence and worked on my social skills. And that’s given me lots of great experience. So be sure to define your goals, be committed to yourself and your team, and don’t be afraid to dig your heels in when you need to. Choose fearless persistence as you aim for your solution.

About Örjan

  • Title: Senior electrical engineer

  • Education: Engineering at upper secondary level and project management

  • Worked at Semcon since: 2020

  • I have most fun at work when I…: I get to work as part of a dynamic team

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