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From a blank sheet of paper to a successful team

Tran Cam is a doer, working to become a visionary. With one foot on the operational side and the other on the strategic side, and with sights aimed high, she works to deliver digital solutions to the life science industry. When you ask her what she is most proud of, she answers in the blink of an eye: The team! High technical competence combined with humility and transparency can only lead to success.


Digital strategy, software development, AI solutions, and management … Everything falls under Semcon’s offering, the one we call Digital Services, and I am proud that we are a turnkey supplier. In principle, the digital perspective can of course be applied to all industries, but here in Uppsala and Stockholm we are particularly strong in life science. For example, in instrument development for a med-tech company, not just anyone can get the job done, but insight and experience of relevant regulations and ISO standards are required, among others, in addition to IT competence – and that’s what we have!

Development is now progressing at a breathtaking pace when it comes to distributed clouds, automation, and disruptive business models. It’s important to stay at the forefront; otherwise it’s easy to fall behind. These are actually the areas in which we are increasingly in demand. The technology is available, but the businesses are not always ready for it. From my helicopter perspective, I sometimes feel that many people buy in too much or too advanced technology, without having time to implement it correctly. It’s not the cutting edge technology that will save the world, rather the technology gets its value in the hands of the end user. This is where things can easily go wrong, and at Semcon we can help using our experience and expertise.

I’ve had to be wrenched away from the operational side on many occasions. Even though I’m now in a strategic role, I love taking part in customer projects. I certainly don’t work at that level of detail so much anymore, but I’ll probably always want to have a stake in what we actually deliver to our customers. And having worked as a specialist for many years, I find it a bit difficult to let go completely – I’m a real nerd and recently my speciality has been to build teams.

With plenty of leeway, supportive management, and a fast pace – I thrive like a fish in water. And that’s been exactly my experience since I started at Semcon in January 2021. I’m in the process of recruiting to strengthen our team, the most skilled developers and the most promising young talent, and we continue to successfully deliver good results to our customers at the same time. It’s been just over six months since I started here and I don’t think of the job as a work anymore! During the day I hold recruitment interviews, draw up annual plans, negotiate agreements, and provide support to various projects: but none of these tasks feels like work. Every day in my worklife is fun, inspiring and challenging – thanks to supportive managers, inspiring colleagues and a great culture.

About Tran

  • Title: Team Manager Digital Services

  • Education: MSc Software Engineering

  • Worked at Semcon since: January 2021

  • I have most fun at work when I…: … see employees thrive and grow, just like our business.

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