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Data analysis is my happy place

Working with autonomous vehicles can be a very challenging task, but also very rewarding. Using a disciplined and science driven methodology, Andreas Grigoriadis can tackle a variety of complex problems that arise, making sure that we are in safe hands when it comes to the future of motorized transportation.


Self-driving vehicles and AI go hand in hand

True autonomous driving is an incredibly complex problem to solve. The number of unique parameters involved, and multiple, often unpredictable factors mean that in practice, 100% self-driving cars would require true, human-like artificial intelligence, if they were to operate in any current environment.

However, building infrastructures optimized for autonomous vehicles, and thereby allowing them to operate in controlled environments – that is something that can realistically be achieved in the not-so-distant future, with a high level of functionality and safety. Safety, in particular, is a crucial factor for autonomous vehicles, so everything we work with essentially relates to it in one way or another.

From physics to Artificial Intelligence

I started with a passion for math and landed in software development & AI. AI is a hot field for people with a background in physics. In fact, at university we used to joke that every other thesis defense would include the words “machine learning”.

Personally, my eureka moment was during the masters program Complex Adaptive Systems where I studied courses on AI. Applying my knowledge in mathematics to solve complex problems with machine learning, I quite early stumbled upon what most people today refer to as AI and I genuinely thought to myself, “this is the most interesting subject I’ve ever studied”. I hadn’t always known what I wanted to work with, but this is when I knew that I had found my calling.

Semcon stood out

When starting my career, I wanted to work as a consultant since I didn’t have a clear preference for what kind of product I wanted to work with, and I wanted to try out different things.

I applied to different consultancy companies and Semcon stood out. Most of the other companies had the same type of assignments, but Semcon offered a broader range, especially in my area of interest. Also, I feel that Semcon has a solid position in the industry, which was a big plus for me and gave me a sense of security.

Something I believe many can relate to is that fresh out of university you think that you know everything and that you are ready for any task, only to realize that this isn’t the case at all. You only have academic experience, which doesn’t exactly translate to working on projects in the real world. The lesson that I learned is that sometimes you need to take a step back and take your time to learn while working and accept that you won’t be contributing 100% right from the get-go.

A structured approach

Typically, I like to start my day early. I am usually one of the first in the office, and like having 2-3 hours of focused work before the meetings start. The first meeting of the day is the daily standup with the team, where we sync and discuss the tasks we have at hand. Collaboration may not be constant, I spend a lot of time doing work on my own, but when teaming up, it’s beneficial and satisfying to find people that you click and work well together with.

I have the most fun working with data and algorithms. It feels rewarding when my work leads to high efficiency and optimization of the methods we use, especially when it multiplies their usefulness in practical applications. We work in a fast pace environment and with a varied workload, which is challenging, but also very stimulating, you always feel like there is something new to learn.

The process of performing investigative work, trying different tools and approaches when doing engineering work inspires me. Identifying the goal, what I can do, what the effect of each action is and selecting an optimal solution.

Applications beyond automotive

I would say that I enjoy working with autonomous vehicles and I am excited to continue working with them and contribute to shaping their future. At the same time, I am confident that the solutions I work with could have applications beyond the automotive industry, which only makes it more exciting to work on such projects.

In the future I would love to work with the overall design of a system. A solution that is built upon a solid foundation from the ground up is important, and having collected experience working with multiple elements of a system is an important tool to have on your belt with such an undertaking. Being able to influence high level decisions in projects, while still being engaged in their practical implementation and help them take shape is what aspire to.

About Andreas

Title: Software Engineer at Semcon in Stockholm
Education: Engineering Physics at Chalmers University
Employed at Semcon since: 2019
I have the most fun at work when: Working with data analysis

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