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A passion for CAD that led to aeronautics work for the defence industry

Brandon Saari graduated during what many would argue was the worst time to start a career, the pandemic. But with a passion for technology and solving problems, he soon found his footing in working as a mechanical engineering consultant at Semcon. Currently working in aeronautics, he shares some of his experiences and insights with us.


My path wasn’t clear from the start

I initially set out to become a CNC machinist. However, I soon realized that this wasn’t really my calling. I wanted to do something more creative and design things. I was very interested in CAD design, and I decided to pursue studies towards that direction.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing; at the time I was looking for thesis work the COVID pandemic was in full force and the market was really tough. I had a hard time finding a company to undertake my project in time for my graduation. However, things worked out in the end. About this time, I came in contact with Semcon, and even though they didn’t have student work in the pipeline, I was encouraged to contact them once my studies were completed, and so I did.

A warm welcome

I sent my job application and a week later I had a contract with Semcon. The process was surprisingly smooth. One thing that drew me to Semcon was that right from the start it felt like a welcoming company that cares about the people that work there, right from the initial interview. Almost three years later, this feeling remains.

Trying out different things

I started in the energy sector, working with gas turbines, but currently I am working in the defence sector. The ability to test the waters in different areas was important to me when starting my career, since I didn’t have a clear picture of what I wanted to work with. The ability to sample different things by being involved in several projects as a consultant is a great way to start carving your path and find what you like.

Creativity and new technologies are my driving forces

Regardless of the sector I am working in, the passion for working with new technologies is a constant for me. It is incredibly satisfying to approach a problem with a creative mindset and set out to design a solution. That design process involves multiple steps, from understanding the variables involved, to the iterative process and collaboration with other engineers required to reach the goal.

From ideation to production, with the user in mind

It can sometimes be tricky to connect the dots when designing something, since you need to understand the context and environment in which what you design is used, as well as the system which it is a part of. Sometimes information can be limited, or it can be something completely new and you essentially are a trailblazer.

Feedback is crucial in my work, and it can come from engineers as well as users. In the design process, I try to think of the end user and put people first, adhering to Semcon values. It goes a long way to talk to the end user and get feedback regarding their wishes, needs and operating scenarios.

Eventually what you design goes into production. Seeing it in physical form is extremely rewarding, a virtual view in CAD can’t compare to having the real product in your hands.

Connected to the world events around us

I am currently working in the defence industry. It is an interesting sector and definitely one where you can connect your work to the major global events happening right now. These events and international relations are of course driving factors for development in the industry, and your work is directly connected to it. Working in defence has given me a different perspective on what is happening around the world right now.

Work meets life

Work-life balance is something important to me and Semcon is a company that enables that, while also feeling stimulated by my work. My day starts with a cup of coffee and socializing with my colleagues, and one of my favourite aspects of working at Semcon is the meetup events where I get to talk and have fun with my Semcon colleagues. I still have a long road ahead of me in my career, but I know that I want to continue developing my skills and working as a consultant while crystallizing what I want my path to be, and I feel like I am at the right place for that.

About Brandon

Title: Mechanical engineer
Education: 3D construction & innovation
Employed at Semcon since: 2021
I have the most fun at work when: I get to spend my day with Semcon colleagues.

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