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Business Ethics & Human rights

How are your suppliers treating their workers? Knowing about and taking responsibility for human rights in the supply chain can be the key to success for any business. Goodpoint, sustainability experts and part of the Semcon Group, can help your business strengthen working conditions throughout the entire value chain, whether the goal is to meet sustainability requirements or become a role model.

Magnus Boman, Semcon

Magnus Boman

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Risk management

With expert support, supply chain and workplace risks can be easily identified and minimised. We can help with everything from developing a human rights code of conduct and policy documents for inclusion and diversity, to auditing the supply chain on working conditions and safety.

We also offer support with internal and external communication about your risk management efforts, making customers and employees aware of your progress.

Examples of services:

  • Due diligence
  • Audits
  • Development of code of conduct and policies

Business development and innovation

Creating long-term growth and innovation requires the integration of sustainability into the business strategy.

At this stage, Semcon helps you set comprehensive business objectives that promote growth and improved working conditions and support the implementation of new policies and guidelines.

Examples of services:

  • Internal training on guidelines

  • Development of procedures, tools and supplier training

  • Development of strategic business objectives

  • Internal and external communication

  • Project management

Become a role model

As an organisation, you have now reached a level where you are working towards business goals for diversity, inclusion, and human rights throughout the supply chain.

In this phase, we help you to communicate your sustainability work both internally and externally. Good sustainability communication increases your chances of attracting new employees and partners as well as good suppliers and customers.

Examples of services:

  • Methodological support, strategies, and training for business development in intersectionality, anti-discrimination, representation, human rights and equal treatment principles.

  • Formulation and follow-up of sustainability requirements in procurement

  • Brand transfer

  • Employer branding

  • Development of partnerships

  • Workshops