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Businesses today are becoming increasingly complex, and demands for quality assurance, system validation and documentation are on the rise. This presents many organisations with a challenge. In the long run, ensuring that the products, systems, and services released onto the market are secure and accessible for all end users is a must.

Anna Nordelöf, Semcon

Anna Nordelöf

Area Manager

Quality Management Göteborg

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Expertise from most industries

Our broad industry insight and specific cutting-edge skills mean that we can help your business find the balance needed for sustainable quality work – for rigorous life science regulations, the latest ISO standards for the energy industry, or CE marking of production environments in the manufacturing industry.

We have extensive expertise in validation across various industries, where quality is a central factor. Our knowledge spans multiple sectors and includes a deep understanding of validation processes and quality assurance. By applying our expertise in validation methodology and standards, we can ensure that various systems, processes or products meet strict quality requirements and regulations.

By always ensuring quality in the validation process, we have established ourselves as a reliable partner for companies in various sectors that strive to meet high standards and regulations.

A partner throughout the process

Semcon has extensive experience in all the various roles involving validation. We always focus on developing user-friendly products and services for end users. We know that conditions and requirements often change along the way, and we are used to maintaining an agile approach to project adaptation.

We can assist with every stage of the validation

You can allow our validation team to review your entire validation strategy so that you can focus more closely on your core business. Or you can entrust one of our many specialists to focus on whatever part of the process presents your business with the greatest challenge.

Our skills in the field:

  • Validation strategies

  • Validation lead

  • Validation engineers

  • Equipment validation

  • Method validation

  • Validation of computerised systems

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Caroline Heuman

Area Manager

Quality Management Stockholm

Anna Nordelöf, Semcon

Anna Nordelöf

Area Manager

Quality Management Göteborg