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Requirement Management

Effective requirements management is key to successful customer deliveries, development projects and management. We at Semcon can bring the right skills to organise requirements management for your project or your organisation.

Caroline Heuman

Area Manager

Quality Management Stockholm

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Our structured approach helps you gain insight into how needs from customers, managers and other project stakeholders can be formulated to concrete, unambiguous and relevant requirements specifications.

Requirement specifications create conditions for success

Poor requirement management commonly affects all three project parameters time, budget and quality. By analyzing requirement specifications before a project begins Semcon can help you provide optimal conditions for success.

  • How will the requirements be handled during the project and how will they be administered?

  • Should the requirements live with the product/facility throughout the solutions life cycle, even after the end of the project?

Adapted to your business

Most requirements management training and standards today have developed in response to the need to create a particular system or piece of software. We at Semcon can help you see the big picture to define requirements management at the enterprise level. After that, we delve into the right requirements management procedure to help you to change or develop services, products and processes, or even complete facilities.

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Anna Nordelöf

Area Manager

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Caroline Heuman

Area Manager

Quality Management Stockholm