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Quality Management

Do you have the right competencies and tools to make sure that your organisation, product, or service maintains the highest possible quality? Semcon can offer senior expertise in several areas within the quality management field.

Caroline Heuman

Area Manager

Quality Management Stockholm

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At Semcon, we believe that a usable and understandable quality practice is the best foundation for fostering a superior quality culture and attitude in our own business, for our customers, and for their suppliers. The practices must represent how we work and aim to exceed the level of excellence we desire.

We can advise and support our customers and suppliers in achieving and maintaining the desired level of excellence, while continuously enhancing our own quality practices.

- Anna Nordelöf, Area Manager Quality Excellence, Semcon

Quality management is based on close collaboration among all stakeholders to enhance processes, products, services, and company cultures.

Key success factors:

  • A well-established, usable, and easily understood quality management system

  • A commitment to continuous improvements

  • Collaboration among all stakeholders

  • A dependable, high-quality supply network

  • Proactive quality engineering

Supplier Quality Management

A dependable, high-quality supply network

Supplier quality management (SQM) is the close and transparent collaboration between a company and its suppliers to create a well-functioning supply chain. At Semcon, we advise and support our customers in order to ensure a dependable, high-quality supply network.

This is accomplished by:

  • Collaboration with suppliers to improve processes, products, services, and the company’s culture

  • Ensuring a reliable supply chain

  • Evaluating and re-evaluating the performance of suppliers

  • Establishing mutual trust through open and transparent supplier communication and collaboration

  • Listening to our suppliers’ challenges and recognising their efforts

Quality Engineering

A proactive culture and mindset throughout the company

Quality engineering (QE) is frequently referred to as a separate field that works proactively to mitigate risks as well as to monitor, analyse, and improve quality performance. At Semcon, we always try to make quality optimisation an integral element of all our engineering projects.

The ultimate goal is to invest in quality methods in product and production development with potential payoffs that include, but are not limited to:

  • More customers and growth

  • Lower costs

  • Higher profit margins

We can advise and support our customers in the implementation of quality engineering practices for product and production development.

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Anna Nordelöf, Semcon

Anna Nordelöf

Area Manager

Quality Management Göteborg

Caroline Heuman

Area Manager

Quality Management Stockholm