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Project Methodology

Our basis for delivering market-leading services in the project arena is our project methodology XLPM – Excellence in Project Management. Under continuous development for over 30 years, it is a world-class, flexible and scalable project and programme methodology for all types of organisations, large or small, private, municipal or state.

Therése Hallberg, Semcon

Therése Hallberg

Manager Project Training Office

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Effective projects through standardisation

XLPM provides comprehensive support for organisations to achieve the desired results and effects when implementing change – while retaining balance with their core mission.

Managing operational goals while implementing change and project operations with limited resources and budget is always a challenge. XLPM provides a structured framework for these assessments. It enables and supports the successful management of projects/programmes within an organisation, ensuring that both operational and change efforts contribute to the organisation’s overarching goals.

A modern approach to agile work

It’s often asked whether you should work with project or agile methodologies. Here at Semcon, we believe this question to be a false dilemma. Could it be that projects are preferred on some occasions and agile techniques on others, or perhaps that both are combined? If we choose agile techniques because we have previously failed with projects, perhaps we first have to ask ourselves why the projects failed. To navigate these questions, we need to understand the advantages and disadvantages associated with each approach, as well as the risks and overall goals of the endeavour.

Why should you work with XLPM project as your methodology?

Benefits arise when everyone involved in your business uses a comprehensive tool.

  • It is a complete support platform for all operations, from strategic management, performance management, and change management to project/programme management

  • It gives the business a common project/programme language, using standardised educational platforms, methodologies, templates and documents

  • It defines and clarifies the roles, responsibilities and authorities of project participants

  • A standardised structure from top to bottom for all participants contributes to more efficient project work

  • It increases business maturity, bringing greater impact than delivery of individual projects and programmes alone