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Rapid changes in our organisations and society place new demands for increased efficiency and development. By establishing structure, and an effective means by which to manage change, a project management office (PMO) can ensure valuable development for the entire organisation.

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Portfolio Sharing & Project Office (PMO)

Why establish a project management office?

For companies or public administrations that regularly carry out development work in project and programme form, it is a good idea to organise and coordinate this change through a PMO. By serving as a hub for management, finance, and projects/programmes to meet, PMOs create a forum and structure, allowing an organisation to meet their goals in the most effective way.

By providing a structured project or programme methodology, quality checks, support, and oversight, PMOs guide an organisation’s investment towards the best possible results and impact. PMOs also act as an organisation’s project historian, retaining a collective archive of project successes and failures – a necessary activity for organisations wishing to improve and streamline their operations.

What is a project portfolio?

Do you have projects that don’t reach their expected impact, have insufficient or misplaced resources, costs that drag on uncontrollably, or a hectic and unsustainable work environment? You are not alone. These project outcomes are quite common, and the solution may be to sort your projects in a portfolio through portfolio management.

Portfolio management is a method of giving management better control over the organisation’s numerous projects by creating a bigger picture, identifying risks and similarities, and then managing projects as special groups to extract the synergies. Successful portfolio management often leads to more successful and cost-effective projects with a better ROI.

Semcon can help you meet your goals

At Semcon, we help and support our customers in establishing and structuring their project organisation capabilities and effectively managing change.

Examples of roles your PMO can take:

  • support management through coordination and reporting of project portfolios
  • advise management in decisions regarding their project portfolios
  • establish and further develop the project model in the business
  • support project activities
  • measure and coordinate various ongoing programmes, projects, and assignments
  • create an experience bank
  • support and mentor project managers
  • take initiative and coordinate training for project managers, project participants, and clients