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Production Analysis

Sometimes it can be a challenge to look beyond the focus on optimising efficiency in the current situation and see the overall perspective. But there are opportunities in many production environments to create better operator conditions as well as improvements in flow and layout efficiency. But how is this achieved?

Robert Eliasson, Semcon

Robert Eliasson

Area Manager

Production Development

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Many aspects of a task can be included in the process to improve and refine production flows. For example, in collaboration with a number of different clients, Semcon has analysed production, warehousing, logistics and security routines – in order to make proposals for relevant measures.

We use the underlying ideas in Lean for our work. In addition, Semcon has the capacity to assemble teams with expertise in product development, automation, software development, calculation, design, product information, and much more.

- Robert Eliasson, Area Manager Production Development

One process from analysis to evaluation

The process we provide to our customers includes every step from the first current situation analysis all the way to both implementation and evaluation. This is where you can get a first insight into how we structure our development process in production:

The first phase deals with creating a consensus on the prerequisites and objectives of the project. Here we lay the foundations for the work and develop a shared understanding of the current situation.

Feasibility study
Then we continue by identifying potential opportunities within your activity. The next step is to identify needs and requirements.

Best project
Once we have reached this point, it is time to choose the best project to start with, based on the results of the feasibility study. This is defined by examining the areas in which you experience long changeover times, waiting times between operations or downtime, for example.

Using Semcon’s expertise in project management, mechanical design and automation, among other things, we then implement the project selected by the feasibility study.

Once the project has been completed, we start the performance evaluation. Then we jointly consider whether the desired result has been achieved. We make an evaluation of lead times, finances and the schedule for the project. We evaluate the implementation and jointly assess our next step.

When the time comes to proceed to the next production measure, we refer back to the information and documentation we obtained during the first analysis phase.

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Emma Jönsson

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Robert Eliasson, Semcon

Robert Eliasson

Area Manager

Production Development

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