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Machinery Safety

Companies that prioritize safety are often successful. By seeing machinery safety as a leading process during the development of and use of machines and production equipment, serious complications can be avoided before it is too late.

Robert Eliasson, Semcon

Robert Eliasson

Area Manager

Production Development

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Competence areas in machinery safety

At Semcon, we have the skills needed to support you with:

  • Developing applicable directives, regulations and standards of machines and machine systems

  • Guiding and develop processes for the organization around machines and CE marking/compliance

  • CE development in Life Science, manufacturing industry, forest industry etc. both with clean machine lines and with process plants containing machines, ATEX, PED etc.

  • CE certification Gap analysis. Can be done together with risk assessment/standard requirements to build a better development strategy

  • Performing gap analysis to meet the fulfillment of "use of the work equipment directive AFS 2006:4" by end users. Ex. check based on checklist, create routines, carry out risk assessment

  • Leading, guiding or participating in risk assessments

  • Developing requirements and interpret requirements from standards and directives/regulations

  • Providing support to meet the functional safety requirements of EN ISO 13849 and other functional safety standards and carry out the design of protective functions in accordance with EN ISO 13849

  • Creating security concepts based on defined risk reduction requirements

  • Performing security design, implementation/upgrade/retrofit activities

  • Verification and validation to meet the health and safety requirements of Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

  • Supporting the validation of protection functions in accordance with EN ISO 13849-2

  • Producing operating instructions in accordance with Machinery directive and standard EN ISO 20607

  • Supporting the compilation of technical file(s) and creation of EC declaration(s), etc.

Training in machinery safety

With our extensive experience in machinery safety, Semcon also offers support in machinery safety training. Offered training focuses on CE marking and Compliance with the Machinery Directive, but the content can also be adapted to your specific needs.

The Swedish Institute for Standards

Semcon is a member of the technical committee for machinery safety TK/282 at the Swedish Institute for Standards (SIS). Members receive information about new requirements, the opportunity to influence the content of the standards, and the chance to make contacts with the foremost Swedish experts in the field.

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Emma Jönsson

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Robert Eliasson, Semcon

Robert Eliasson

Area Manager

Production Development

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