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Industrial automation

There are many reasons to review automated production environments, beyond streamlining to increase profitability. Perhaps it’s difficult to find labor for monotonous or risky jobs, or maybe you need to increase capacity, add flexibility or improve quality. Re-evaluating your automated solutions offers new possibilities for improvement, but more opportunities also mean more choices. Semcon can help you navigate these deep waters.

Robert Eliasson, Semcon

Robert Eliasson

Area Manager

Production Development

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For 40 years, Semcon has worked together with customers in many industries. With a wide range of services in production development, and extensive competence in modern industrial automation, our knowledge can help support your entire chain. From advice, concepts, modeling, feasibility studies and construction – all the way to validated turnkey delivery of specialized machines and robot cells.

Our advice is the first step in being able to help our customers reach the most relevant solution. When you turn to Semcon, you always get an honest answer from an independent partner.

- Robert Eliason, Area Manager Production Development

Semcon can deliver projects and services within:

  • Advice and expertise

  • Automation concepts and feasibility studies

  • Complete factory layouts

  • Production simulation

  • Special purpose machines

  • Robot cells

  • Vision systems

  • Tests and test equipment

  • Machine safety and CE marking

  • Validation

Semcon's process involves close collaborative partnerships with customers and their chosen subcontractors. At the same time, our teams' strength and experience on a global scale provide significant opportunities for workplace enhancements and streamlining both individual production steps and entire production flows.

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Emma Jönsson, Semcon

Emma Jönsson

Area Manager

Industrial Development

Robert Eliasson, Semcon

Robert Eliasson

Area Manager

Production Development

Bent-Erik Bjørkli, Semcon

Bent-Erik Bjørkli

Business Development

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