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Today’s world is a fast changing and complex one. For every company and organisation, this means you need to handle and quickly adapt to digital reality that is already here. Are you on top of your digital journey?

Anders Sundin, Semcon

Anders Sundin

Business Manager


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All companies and organisations need to develop sustainable strategies for their digital transformation. Semcon has cutting-edge digital expertise combined with the experience needed to help our customers from initial concept to a complete service or product. Always with a user centric perspective.

We help companies in a variety of industries with for instance:

  • Analysis and orchestration of where to invest your money and efforts to stay ahead of competition in the digital era

  • Creating new, sustainable and digital business models

  • Insight into relevant market and customer trends

  • Creating a digital culture

  • Adopting the latest technology

Working with three horizons

We help organisations based on three horizons and combine our extensive technical experience with the very latest insights into human behaviour and our expertise in sustainable business models.

  1. Recharge current prodcuts and services

  2. Reinvent the offering

  3. Reimagine where to play

The first horizon is where we recharge existing products to capture insight and improve efficiency, add-on digital services and experiences. The second is about reinventing new sustainable products and services by digital capabilities and accelerating the time to market using rapid and sprint-based innovation. In the third horizon we reimagine business models, offer portfolio and the organisation to enable sustainable and profitable operations.

The need for a rapid digital shift has never been more important, to recharge current operations and products but also rethink and reimagine where to play.

- Anette Norén, Business Manager Design

Our expertise

As an independent innovation partner Semcon has strategic expertise in Project Management, Business Analysis, Business Design and Service Design. Together with Solution and Cloud Architects, AI and IoT engineers, this means we can stay with you every step of the journey.