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Press release2022.12.21

Semcon strengthens its position in cyber security with new partnership

To meet a growing demand within cyber security, Semcon partners with global Karamba Security. By combining software expertise with product threat protection, the two companies become a strong player in the cyber security domain on the Nordic market.


Today, where everything in our society is connected – from your watch to your home and vehicle – the cyber threats and attacks are steadily increasing.

“The core of this partnership is simple: all connected devices are vulnerable, and together we can reduce that risk by developing ever evolving solutions that are adaptable to fit the needs of different organizations and industries", says Mohammad Islam, Head of Cyber Security at Semcon.

Karamba Security has its roots in Israel and work globally with the IoT and mobility sectors to help companies meet demands in fulfilling the ISO-21434 and UN R155 regulations. With Semcon’s software expertise and experience from other industries, such as energy, manufacturing and life science, and its strong presence in the Nordic market, the joint venture will be able to support a wide range of customers.

Karamba Security is proud to partner with Semcon to serve its growing customer base in the Nordics.

– Amir Einav, COO, Karamba Security

“With mobility security regulations enforced and regulations emerging in other industries, we can provide strong domain expertise and local teams. All to make sure our customers can manufacture safe connected products, while not losing innovation pace in the development of, for example, electric and software-defined vehicles.”

The partnership started in December 2022 and offers customers expertise in threat and risk analysis, incident management, penetration and vulnerability testing, solution hardening and education based on respective industry. It also enables the possibility to serve customers locally on-site as well as with back-office expertise.

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Kristina Ekeblad

Communications Director

Per Hagman, Semcon

Per Hagman

Area Manager

Software & Emerging Tech