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Press release2020.10.07

Semcon leads new research project to investigate how big data can streamline product development

How can companies use big data to improve their product development? With this question in focus, the Research Council of Norway is awarding funding to Semcon for a new research project. The project will investigate how companies delivering complex systems can use big data to increase the efficiency of their technology and innovation processes.


The rapid evolution and increasing complexity of technology places higher demands on companies to collaborate and share best practice. In particular, since technology and systems now need to integrate with each other. How this can best be achieved will be investigated in the new research project "Harvesting value from Big Data and Digitalisation through a Human Systems-Engineering Innovation Framework".

"The aim of the project is to strengthen the participating companies and academia by creating a framework for collaboration. The focus will be on tools and methods to improve the product development process. It is essential to be able to make data-aided decisions early in the development process", says Lasse Bjørkhaug, Project Manager at Semcon and for the research project.

In addition to creating a framework for collaboration, the project will investigate in more detail how information from data can be adapted to users. Furthermore, the project will develop a validated process to ensure that companies can efficiently use big data in co-creative processes when technology needs to be integrated.

Today the access to data is enormous. Norwegian companies can, with the right approach and right algorithms, structure and make use of big data in a way that can give decisive competitive advantages in an international market.

– Kristin Falk, professor at the University of South-Eastern Norway (USN).

The research project is phase 2 of the program “Human Systems-Engineering Innovation Framework (H-SEIF), which aimed at making product development more focused on user needs. A total of twelve partners will participate in the project, including USN where Semcon is working closely with Campus Kongsberg.

"It is very important for us to always stay up-to-date with the latest research in order to be able to offer our customers leading-edge technology. To be able to run this project creates great opportunities going forward, not only for all of the participants in the project but also for Semcon's customers", says Lasse Bjørkhaug.

Semcon has been awarded funding from the Research Council of Norway for the research project, which will be run by Semcon in collaboration with USN and will extend over three years. Other partners include The Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Ulstein Group, Kongsberg Maritime, Kongsberg Defence and Aerospace, ETH Zürich, Indra Navia, Kongsberg Innovasjon, Chalmers University of Technology, Norwegian Mapping Authority and TechnipFMC.


Kristina Ekeblad

Communications Director