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Press release2022.09.15

Logistics made easy with the latest within AI-based machine vision

Inspection is a time-consuming part of the logistics chain that can get easier, safer and more efficient with help of the latest AI technology. Semcon supports machine vision solution provider IVISYS in developing its patented solution for automated visual inspection and taking the business to the next level.


Companies in all industries and markets need inspection; Of pallets, car components, dental implants, containers, medical equipment – the list goes on. IVISYS is a Swedish company that develops innovative solutions for automated visual inspection to industries such as food & beverage, warehouse automation, retail and medtech, ensuring increased product quality, uptime and safety.

IVISYS has an important role to play in modern production and automation. They are on an exciting journey that we at Semcon are happy to be a part of.

– Robert Eliasson, Area Manager Production Development at Semcon

“In a short time, we managed to establish a team that flexibly supports IVISYS with the right expertise and resources to quickly reach the company’s ambitious goals.” says Robert Eliasson, Area Manager Production Development at Semcon.

Broad expertise

The collaboration started in April 2022 and has evolved with time as IVISYS continues to build its brand and business globally. Currently, the Semcon team consists of six experts within mechanical design, robotics, programming, product design and product strategy.

“At IVISYS, we have embarked on a journey to become number one in machine vision solutions, including service, knowhow, and customer experience”, says Stefan Bohman, CEO at IVISYS. "Product Design is crucial for us to deliver an outstanding brand experience and we are happy to work together with Semcon to develop product design that really makes an impact for our customers."

Semcon has long experience in supporting companies and organisations in their digitalisation and growth journeys. With expertise in design and sustainability strategy, as well as all aspects of product development and production optimisation, Semcon can be a partner from early idea to finished product and implementation.

About Ivisys

IVISYS is a logistic machine vision solution provider with unique patented technology that increases efficiency for the various industries such as food & beverage, warehouse automation, retail and medtech ensuring increased product quality, uptime and safety using the latest AI technology. Read more.


Kristina Ekeblad

Communications Director

Robert Eliasson, Semcon

Robert Eliasson

Area Manager

Production Development