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Elin Sins, Semcon

Elin Sins

Area Manager

Life Science / Project Excellence & Management

Cay Åsberg, Semcon

Cay Åsberg

Team Manager Energy

Kristin Bolund, Semcon

Kristin Bolund

Team Manager

Life Science

Johan Lundström, Semcon

Johan Lundström

Area Manager

Life Science / Energy

Joakim Lindberg, Semcon

Joakim Lindberg

Team Manager

Life Science

Marie Wiklander, Semcon

Marie Wiklander

Team Manager

Project & Quality Management

Welcome to Semcon Uppsala! We support customers in primarily the life science and the energy sectors, but also the public sector and manufacturing industry. Just get in touch if you want to find out more about how we can help develop your business!

We are bout 60 committed consultants who can deliver either as specialists on site at our customers or in project deliveries at customer site or from our own offices. We offer broad competencies in the following areas:

  • QA/QC, Validation, Process Engineering, Production Development, Product Development, Analytical Chemistry, Technical Project Management.

  • Electrical Design, Energy Mapping, Energy Efficiency, Maintenance, Project Management.

  • Software Development, System Development, IT Project Management, UX, Test.

  • Change Management, Project Management, Organisational Development and Coaching. We also offer training within our own project methodology XLPM – Excellence in Project Management.

  • We continuously arrange webinars within different areas of expertise.

Want to work at Semcon in Uppsala?

What makes Semcon unique is a strong, welcoming and inclusive company culture. We are people who put people first, which not only applies to the end users who use the technology, but also in relationships with colleagues, customers and business partners. Check out our job vacancies in the list below - or reach out to one of us if you have any questions!

Learn more about our experts and what we do through our Semcon Stories. For example project management consultant Emma Oller Westerberg or Senior Analytical Expert Arne Bergens.

Job openings in Uppsala