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Fredrik Edin, Semcon

Fredrik Edin

Team Manager


Welcome to Semcon’s office at Kungsgatan 57 in Trollhättan! We are approximately 20 consultants who support customers with, for example, project management, mechanical constructions, strategic innovation and digital services – we can help out with a specific part of a project or the whole journey from an idea to finished solution.

At our Trollhättan office we all contribute to a “family atmosphere”, always helping each other out to create the best possible outcome for our customers. We help both small and large companies and organisations within several different areas, such as the mobility/automotive industry, plastic construction, consumer products, paper industry, aero and energy.

We can support with project managers, production engineers, validation engineers and mechanical engineers. Here you will find many years of experience in mechanical design and experience of working in different types of CAD programs. Together we form a strong group that is ready to face different types of challenges!

Curious to work at Semcon in Trollhättan?

Join us and get the opportunity to work with new exciting, and maybe a little bit different projects and products, learn different CAD software and really shape your own career regardless of whether you want to specialize in one area or if you enjoy working more broadly. We want to make sure everyone at our office are enjoying their work, having a good time with great colleagues and are able to be themselves at work. At Semcon you become part of our community – an open and welcoming space where everyone’s suggestions and ideas are welcomed. All of our different qualities are important to achieve success. Join us with your perspectives!

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