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São Bernardo do Campo

Avenida das Nações Unidas, 179 – Jardim do Mar
09726-110 São Bernardo do Campo – SP

+55 11 4121-6684Find us

São Bernardo do Campo

Fabricio Campos, Semcon

Fabricio Campos

Country Manager Brazil

Josie Cautela, Semcon

Josie Cautela

HR Manager


Welcome to Semcon Brazil!

Semcon Brazil sites supports customers in several sectors, such as automotive, industry, energy, and others.

Our services include all kinds of challenges in the technological development, such as products and system development, through innovative solutions for the entire development chain, from benchmarking and definition of requirements to after sales.

We are about 400 engaged consultants with broad competencies in the following areas:

  • Management engineering

  • Electrical and Electronic

  • Calculation and Simulation

  • Electrical vehicle

  • After sales

  • 3D / 2D Mechanical design

  • Testing and approval

  • Body and exterior

  • Interior trim

  • Chassis & Powertrain

Welcome to contact us for collaboration or if you are curious in working at Semcon.

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