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Markus Holmberg, Semcon

Markus Holmberg

Area Manager

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Welcome to Semcon in Örebro. We are eager to hear about your challenges regarding product development. Here in Örebro we are a team of consultants who are interested in helping you, either in place or remotely.

What we can help with, among other things:

  • Product Development

  • Development within manufacture

  • Development within process

  • Automation and electric design

  • Project management

  • Test, validation and verification

  • Life Science

  • Energy mapping

Interested in joining Semcon?

What makes Semcon unique is a strong, welcoming and inclusive company culture. We are people who put people first, which not only applies to the end users who use the technology, but also in relationships with colleagues, customers and business partners. Check out our job vacancies in the list below - or just get in touch if you have any questions!

Job openings in Örebro