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Anita Hystad Nygård

HR Manager


Frode Christiansen, Semcon

Frode Christiansen

Manager Sales and Business Development

Baard Røsvik, Semcon

Baard Røsvik

Business Development Manager

Per Kevin Braathen, Semcon

Per Kevin Braathen

Country Manager Norway

Tonny Mastad, Semcon

Tonny Mastad

Area Manager

Digital Solutions

Geir Axel Oftedahl, Semcon

Geir Axel Oftedahl

Business Development

Segment Owner Ocean Space

Bent-Erik Bjørkli, Semcon

Bent-Erik Bjørkli

Business Development

Digital services

Thor André Dugstad, Semcon

Thor André Dugstad

Department Manager

Prototype, Test & Workshop

From the first idea all the way to the finished product. At Semcon's office in Kongsberg, innovation is a key concept that is on every employee's lips. Most projects are done in-house with teams made up of different personalities and across disciplines, which contributes to the creative and open culture. In addition, the diversity of tasks and business areas is great, creating a unique opportunity for employees to develop.

Creative experts in innovation

Self-driving ploughs, electrified milk trucks and advanced sub-sea systems are just a few examples of projects that Semcon's office in Norway is behind. A dedicated prototype workshop gives project teams unique opportunities to test products themselves and get immediate feedback on what works and what doesn't during the product development process. Compared to larger companies, we are also much quicker to produce prototypes. The ability to work seamlessly across the disciplines of mechanics, electronics and software with an emphasis on systems engineering is also one of the success factors in finding new, innovative solutions.

A large network of experts

At Semcon's office in Kongsberg, most projects are carried out in-house. This gives customers many advantages: access to a larger network and experts in most disciplines, which is often not available through their own organisation.

Vision for the future

At Semcon Norway, we strive to be the best at innovation aimed at new products, systems and services. We must always be at the forefront of technology development in order to provide our customers with the best service and together create new business opportunities.

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