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Göteborg (HQ)

Lindholmsallén 2
417 80 Göteborg

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Johanna Stenfeldt

Country Manager Sweden


Anette Norén, Semcon

Anette Norén

Business Manager Design

Heidi Östlund, Semcon

Heidi Östlund

Head of Sustainability

Ola Klasson



Daniel Tappert, Semcon

Daniel Tappert

Area Manager

Simulation & Digital Twins

Kristina Ekeblad

Communications Director

Anton Mellgren, Semcon

Anton Mellgren


Sweden West

Per Hagman, Semcon

Per Hagman

Area Manager

Software & Emerging Tech

Jukka-Pekka Mäki, Semcon

Jukka-Pekka Mäki

Area Manager

Product Engineering

Anna Nordelöf, Semcon

Anna Nordelöf

Area Manager

Quality Management Göteborg

Robert Eliasson, Semcon

Robert Eliasson

Area Manager

Production Development

Welcome to Semcon in Göteborg!

At our HQ office we are approximately 400 skilled engineers, designers, developers and experts, leaders, sales, recruiters, HR and business coordinators. All working together to help our customers to develop technology that matters – for people and the planet. Get in touch and find out how we can support your business!

Three people working in a tech lab
Two women talking in a sofa at an office. One of them has a computer in her lap.
A man working on a laptop computer in a leather sofa photographed from above

We support companies and organisations in several different industries with expertise in:

  • Advanced product and production development (mechanical engineering, simulation, UX, automation, industrial design, embedded)
  • Digital solutions (digital experience, smart products, autonomous solutions, electrification, AI, data management, software, ux, webb, app, system development etc.)
  • Strategic design and innovation for sustainable business
  • Project Excellence, quality management, validation and sustainability expertise

Get in touch and find out how we can support your business!

Want to join our awesome team?

Our culture is based on team work and creating innovation together. Our values are collaboration, diversity, inspiration and fun. There is always something fun going on at the office, whether it’s morning yoga, table tennis tournaments, paper plane competitions or after work and quiz nights. There’s something for everyone. Apart from our social activities we offer a lot of seminars and inspirational talks in order to interact, inspire each other, learn and explore. Check out our job vacancies below or get in touch to find out more. Welcome!

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