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Johan Hansson, Semcon

Johan Hansson

Team Manager


Welcome to Semcon Borlänge! We support Dalarna's fast-growing innovative companies with expertise in project management and product and production development.

We can offer cross-functional teams with competencies in, for example, automation, calculation, product development and quality management are represented and play an important role together.

The assignments for our consultants and several sub-consultants are carried out both on customer site and as in-house projects at our Semcon office in Dalarna Science Park in Borlänge.

Interested in joining Semcon in Borlänge?

We value collaboration and the exchange of experiences between colleagues. Everyone’s perspectives are important in creating the best solutions for people and the planet. At Semcon we always try to use our competencies from different areas to create an advantage for our customers. Just get in touch if you want to find out more about our Borlänge operations!

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