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New significant framework agreement for the National Agency for Public Procurement

Semcon's subsidiary, Goodpoint, is the new provider of sustainability support to the Swedish Upphandlingsmyndigheten (National Agency for Public Procurement) after winning a large framework agreement in competition with around ten suppliers. Goodpoint is the sole supplier within both areas covered by the framework agreement.


This is a very exciting framework agreement as the National Agency for Public Procurement is a key player with significant influence in the public sector. With this new agreement we are contributing to setting the bar for sustainability in procurement.

- Melissa More, Sales Manager.

Providing a broad expertise

Over the next two years, Goodpoint will assist the National Agency for Public Procurement in the development and management of their support for sustainable procurement as well as general sustainability support.

Within the framework agreement, Goodpoint will provide a wide range of sustainability expertise including Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), environmental management, social sustainability, and climate considerations. The potential value of the framework agreement is 5 million SEK over a four-year period.

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