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CARAN® Open Source Portal.

This is a software portal where Semcon helps to open software solutions together with our partners in various research projects and networks. The content is free to use, free to change and free to share. Our aim with this portal is to gather development projects where we work together to create open source software in the form of components and parts.

We believe that if we all work together to move technology forward, many areas will evolve much faster and integration between systems will be simplified. We reduce the risks in projects and increase both quality and security by working in both developing and testing the increasing amount of software needed for future solutions.

Secure Gateway

Secure Gateway was developed primarily as a secure interface in the automotive industry. It acts as an interface between the infotainment system and the rest of the car, and provides both a firewall and information portal. Secure Gateway can also be used in other areas, for example to send data in real time to the "cloud", integrating mobile apps or in back-office software applications.

UPDATE: We have now added can4python which allows you to handle CAN signals using the Linux SocketCAN implementation, for Python 3.3 and later.

Automotive Grade Android

Automotive Grade Android (AGA) is an open source software platform that enables you to integrate your Android application into an In-Vehicle Infotainment system. The platform has been developed within the Vehicle ICT Arena (VICTA) in Gothenburg. It uses standard, well-known tools to allow developers to create application for vehicles. Semcon has now released the AGAAdapter tool as open source. It is a tool making it possible to use the popular MQTT protocol to communicate with the AGA platform. This helps developing prototypes using the AGA platform.

Download Secure Gateway and Automotive Grade Android here.