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Renewable solar energy, from idea to finished packaging

Uddevalla Energi is actively working to achieve the objective of being Sweden's most attractive energy company. An important part of that work revolves around offering sustainable and future-proof energy solutions.

CustomerUddevalla Energi


CompetencesStrategic Business Design


Uddevalla Energi currently helps its customers with electricity networks, electricity trading, energy services, district heating, fibre, cleaning and recycling, among other things. The energy company contacted Semcon, however, as a result of the offering in solar products. It wanted to develop an offering in solar cells targeting private individuals, tenant-owner associations and companies. To succeed in this would need support in business development. All the way from idea to the packaging of a finished offering, ready for the market.

A well-proven working method

Many years of experience in both the energy sector and the public sector have allowed Semcon to develop a roadmap for business development, which was also applied during the collaboration with Uddevalla Energi. The method extends from a broad innovation workshop and delimitation of the project up to and including launch and pilot project.

Uddevalla Energi contacted Semcon for support with the following:

  • Overall roadmap and schedule for business development

  • Competitive analysis and external analysis

  • Business model and strategy

  • Identification and support in procurement of supplier/partner

  • Packaging of the offering

  • Production of material for marketing and sales support

  • Updated content for the web and development of a solar cell calculation

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