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Pre-study and 3D visualisation of an automated assembly line

The bicycle industry anticipates a growing market and Kindernay is due to prepare for high volume production of e-bike gear hubs. Semcon has delivered a pre-study with a 3D conceptual solution of an automated assembly line, providing Kindernay with significant knowledge of technical solutions and associated investment data.



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The result of the pre-study makes for an important step when seeking investment in a future factory. Kindernay has extensive experience in the development of complex mechanical devices, such as e-bike gear hubs. The Kindernay VII is winner of the Eurobike Awards 2021. "When seeking support for developing an approach to mass production, we considered several partners. Semcon stood out with their professional competence, experience, Scandinavian heritage, drive, and cheerful approach." says Christian Antal, Founder and CEO of Kindernay.

Improved lifetime and quality

As entrepreneurs, Kindernay is striving to improve bike riding through better shifting technology and the development of a gear hub of the future. The mass production of their gear hubs will significantly improve reliability, the service life of the product and the quality of shifting, especially for the growing market for E-bikes, replacing cars on the streets.

A market opportunity for growth

There is a huge interest in Kindernay’s product in the market as well as a sharp increase in sales. The company wants to keep its production in Norway and therefore needs to invest in an automated assembly line for the advanced hub, which consists of about 60 parts.

Our cooperation with Semcon has allowed us to step up our communication with our partners to a much higher level and with more realistic assumptions.

– Christian Antal, Founder and CEO, Kindernay

A production solution with a higher gear

In just six weeks, Semcon succeeded in creating a conceptual assembly line by using the company’s experience in automation and a methodical approach. The result was delivered as a visual 3D model of the layout and a detailed cost estimate for the entire investment. “By combining our experience in advanced industrial automation with efficient working methods and visualisation, we developed a realistic and innovative automation concept with associated estimates of investment costs. We visually dismantled the product into the smallest components and reassembled it step-by-step in an imaginary automated process”, says Robert Eliasson, Area Manager, Product Development, Semcon.

Our delivery

The feasibility-study includes:

  • Assembly line layout visualised in 3D

  • Rough timeline with development stages

  • Estimated resources and costs for development

  • Estimated investment costs

A list of essential assumptions for the estimations

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Robert Eliasson, Semcon

Robert Eliasson

Area Manager

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