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New electric bindings with a smart twist



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Norwegians continue to take the lead in the sport of skiing. This time it’s through a new electronic ski binding that can change position on the go – and is adjusted via a remote control in the pole. All cross-country skiers are looking for the best possible grip uphill and the best glide downhill. The position of the binding has a great impact and can already be adjusted today, but only once the skier takes off their skis. This gave Rottefella the idea to develop a new kind of electronic binding together with Semcon that can be moved during skiing; forwards for a better grip, and backwards for a faster glide.

The binding makes elite skiers more effective in the trail, but also increases skiing pleasure for ordinary ski enthusiasts who can enjoy better control and grip as they ski. As a passionate skier and engineer, this has been a dream project for me

– Odd Øystein Ra, Project Manager at Semcon

Semcon contributed both broad technical knowledge and its processes and expertise in innovation to make the concept come to life. The technical solution consists of tiny motors controlled via Bluetooth from a remote control in the pole. The binding can be adjusted remotely by up to 50 mm.

Our extensive experience of product development in cross-country skiing and ski bindings combined with Semcon’s technical expertise has made it possible to create a groundbreaking new product

– Øyvar Svendsen, R&D Manager at Rottefella

The finished product will be introduced to the market in 2018. Please contact us for further questions about the project – or how we can help elevate your products.

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Frode Christiansen

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