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More efficient air filter with new design

Semcon is supporting Absolent Air Care Group in the development of a new type of modular carbon filter system for air purification. With the help of user studies and expertise in areas such as product design, mechanical design and flow calculation, Semcon’s team has developed a new design that makes the filter both more efficient and easier to handle.



CompetencesDesign & User ExperienceProduct Development


Absolent Air Care Group specialises in filters that purify polluted air from oil mist, oil smoke, gas and/or dust generated from various manufacturing processes. With Semcon’s help, the company is now developing the next-generation modular carbon filter for air purification based on a patented concept. Semcon’s team has been looking into how to improve handling of the new carbon filters in terms of aspects such as ergonomics, air flow and production technology.


Semcon Studios is Semcon’s cross-functional development department and serves as an extended R&D department for the customer.

With a more efficient carbon filter design, more filters can fit into each compartment, or module, and with the help of user studies, they are also easier to handle when emptying.

Stefan Banér, Technical Lead and Project Manager at Semcon Studios

In this project, Semcon is in charge of technology advancement based on the customer’s needs and contributing with expertise in project management, industrial design, mechanical design, ergonomics, flow calculation and production technology. The project is expected to run until mid-2022.

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