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Improved work environment for timber truck drivers

CustomerBergs Fegen


CompetencesProduct DevelopmentDesign & User ExperienceMechanical Engineering


Bergs Fegen is Sweden’s largest timber truck bodybuilder. It makes all the necessary adaptations to trucks to carry timber, including the installation of a self-produced crane cab. When the company decided to develop a new cab, it sought help from Semcon.

Design, comfort and stability

Thanks to Bergs Fegen’s close contact with its customers, there were clear watchwords for the new cab. The previous model had been on the market for twenty years, which led to a specific requirements specification for its replacement. Requests from the drivers revolved around comfort, stability and design. Also important are good visibility and well-thought-out solutions that facilitate the work of loading and unloading timber, often in the dark. The construction of the new cab has also been planned to minimize waste when laser cutting the sheet metal and to limit welding.

Close cooperation and high tempo

Peter Östh is a designer and project manager. He has worked at Semcon since 2000, primarily with heavy vehicles such as underground mining and forestry machinery and railway vehicles. Peter has been responsible for the project, which started in April 2021. The objective was to have a cab ready for the Elmia truck exhibition in August 2022.

We have had very good collaboration with frequent coordination measures, which have enabled us to maintain a very high tempo. Thanks to having several processes running concurrently, we have managed to develop two cabs ready for the Elmia exhibition.

– Peter Östh, Mechanical Engineer and Project Manager at Semcon

Connected with the truck’s control system

A crane cab for a timber truck is an advanced product. The cab and crane are connected with the truck’s control system and the crane is powered from the truck’s power socket, which is located on the gearbox. When the cab is in use, it’s a question of around half an hour’s work. For Bergs Fegen, it was important that the cab felt stable and safe, but also comfortable so that the contrast with the truck cab did not become too large.

“The new cab is larger, has better inward light transmission and is generally a better work environment. It is a product of very good collaboration with Semcon, who immediately understood what we wanted to achieve and communicated well from start to finish. We are very pleased with the collaboration”, says Tommy Emanuelsson, Purchasing Manager at Bergs Fegen.

Semcon contributed the following:

  • Product development and engineering

  • Project planning

  • Design

  • Manufacturing methods

  • Strength calculations

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