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Great opportunities for Ellos with new e-commerce site

Ellos Group is a leading e-commerce group in the Nordics and includes the companies Ellos, Jotex and Homeroom. When Ellos Group decided to develop their new e-commerce sites, which have millions of visitors, they entrusted Squeed, part of the Semcon Group, with the development of Jotex’s and Homeroom’s new sites.



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Ellos Group’s e-commerce sites attract about 175 million visitors annually. The new sites are an important step towards reaching the goal of leading the market in fashion and home furnishings. The old sites were based on a commercial e-commerce platform in which all sites lived together in a single environment – a so-called monolith.

Increased performance for even more visits

One of the challenges was to increase performance to be able to handle even more visitors on the site and to flexibly and quickly develop and introduce more functions to make the customer experience even better.

"We now have a modern and fast platform and can quickly and efficiently introduce new functions on an ongoing basis with little risk and without downtime." says Linus Brimstedt, CTO Ellos Group

Continued close collaboration

Once the new technical platform was in place and launched for Ellos Group, Squeed’s role was to develop the sites for Jotex and Homeroom. The goal was for each site to go from the first row of code to launch in four months.

We’ve had really great and close collaboration with Squeed.

Squeed’s team consisted of four developers working remotely, with an agile approach and close contact with operations at Ellos Group as contributing success factors.

One exciting feature that was developed for Homeroom is image search. Imagine that you have found a sofa that you like, and you want to buy a similar one. With the image search function, you can take a picture of the sofa you like and search for similar products on Homeroom.

"We’ve had really great and close collaboration with Squeed," says Linus Brimstedt, CTO Ellos Group. "The concept of team delivery, in which Squeed takes greater responsibility than in a traditional consulting contract, has worked really well and this has made the work go very smoothly."

Squeed’s delivery

  • Development of Jotex/Homeroom from start to launch

  • Integration and configuration of Amplience CMS

  • Team delivery with turnkey solution (DevOps)

  • Performance optimisation

  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)

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