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Energy and climate mapping for RZ ZamPart

Semcon's team helped the Swedish workshop company RZ ZamPart perform a survey of the company's energy consumption and climate impact. The work led to new and important insights, solutions that save energy and provided a plan how they could further increase energy efficiency and reduce climate impact.

CustomerRZ ZamPart


CompetencesEnergy optimisation

It's not always as you think

Before Semcon's mapping, RZ had their own thoughts about what steps they should take. When the measuring instruments collected enough data and Semcon's experts analysed it, they observed that completely different things would provide RZ with the biggest savings.

“We have been working on this for over ten years but felt that it was now time to take the next step. Therefore, we asked Semcon to do an energy survey and subsequent climate survey. The results led to the realisation that it is with our suppliers that we can make the biggest difference in terms of our climate impact. The energy mapping also led to insights we hadn't thought of,” says Anders Helgesson, Production Manager, RZ ZamPart AB.

Important for any business

With today's high energy prices and the risk of power shortages, an energy survey is more relevant than ever. By carefully measuring and analysing an operation, the company gains control over energy use and an understanding of both operations and costs. The same applies to climate mapping, which ensures that investments are made which meet needs but have the least impact on climate.

A new starting point

RZ ZamPart started its efficiency improvement work when they acquired their current property ten years ago. At the time, improving ventilation and lighting ended up being two very effective measures resulting in significant savings. When they wanted to review their systems, they researched the market and chose Semcon as their partner.

We received very good help from Semcon who measured our actual consumption and gave us concrete proposals for measures that make our energy use even more efficient.

- Anders Helgesson, Production Manager, RZ ZamPart AB.

“RZ ZamPart had already come a long way in measuring and streamlining its energy consumption. We are pleased to have contributed with proposals to further increase savings and lower both their energy consumption and climate footprint,” says Louise Jungefeldt, consultant in LCA and climate mapping at Semcon.

The next step for RZ ZamPart is to prepare for compliance with new EU sustainability legislation. Among other things, it involves reporting requirements according to CSR-D, (Corporate Sustainable Reporting Directive). According to the directive, businesses must include information in their management report about how their operations impact people, the environment, and the climate. RZ ZamPart has hired Semcon's sustainability company Goodpoint to help them meet the new requirements and to produce a first version of their sustainability report.

About RZ ZamPart

RZ ZamPart is part of RZ Gruppen, a Swedish business group with workshop companies specialized in design, prototypes, and manufacturing. RZ ZamParts focus is to supply the automotive, defense and other engineering industries with high-precision cut, drawn, and forged metals.


Cay Åsberg, Semcon

Cay Åsberg

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