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Efficient operations with a common project culture

Municipally owned Nacka Water and Waste began work to streamline their project activities and reach a new level of project maturity. Semcon had an advisory role throughout the journey.

CustomerNacka Water and Waste

IndustryPublic sector

CompetencesProject ManagementProject Methodology


Nacka Water and Waste is fully owned by Nacka Municipality. They provide safe water and waste disposal services to all who visit, live or work in Nacka. The company was in need of a clear model to guide them through the projects they conduct, and the choice fell on Semcon’s XLPM project methodology.

Maturity analysis & mapping

The first activity that Semcon carried out with the company was a maturity analysis. Through interviews with professionals in various roles, such as operations managers, project managers and receivers, Semcon was able to identify the overall maturity level at Nacka Water and Waste and chart a clear plan forward.

Ambassadors within the company

Semcon conducted a number of training sessions and workshops customised for different professional roles. They also made some minor adaptations in the project methodology to tailor it specifically for Nacka Water and Waste. To help in this work, XLPM coaches from the organisation were appointed to provide internal support during introduction of the methodology. Their mission was to act as sounding board and provide guidance to anyone in the company who needed support in their work.

We’ve begun the work of finalising how we will work in each phase of the project. Step by step, we are working away from ad hoc solutions and toward a project culture in which everyone speaks the same language.

– Louise Rosqvist, Project Manager in Investing, Nacka Water and Waste

Semcon provided support to the company in the form of:

  • Maturity analysis

  • Plan for implementation of XLPM

  • Internal training and workshops

  • Adaptation of XLPM methodology

  • Follow-up

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