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Design and UX for Fair Action

Fair Action is a non-profit organization working to ensure that companies take responsibility for their impact on people and the environment. Semcon supported Fair Action with expertise in design and UX to increase their membership.

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Fair Action’s members are crucial to its ability to pressure companies to improve working conditions and pay living wages. The organization has many followers on social media, but needed Semcon’s help to convert this engagement into membership. Semcon contributed with pro bono consultant hours as part of the company’s CSR programme. The team charted the journey from first contact to membership and provided suggestions on concepts and actions to reach the goal.

From the outside in

Semcon’s team started out by investigating who wanted to be members in order to understand why more people didn’t take this step. The work included behaviour groups, user tests, surveys and workshops conducted together with Fair Action. This enhanced understanding of how people were thinking, how they felt and acted, and led to concrete concepts and ideas that Semcon presented to Fair Action.

“We got a lot of value out of the collaboration through clear concepts that Semcon also adapted so that they were feasible for us,” says Kjellqvist. “Among other things, Semcon created a survey that we put up on Instagram. This helped us understand that there was strong engagement but that nearly 80% of people didn’t even know that it was possible to become a member.”

Value-creating design process

Semcon always starts with the user perspective. Adapting the experience and, in the case of Fair Action, the member journey to the target audience is a crucial factor for success. Through this effort, Fair Action gained a deep understanding of who they should target, which messages they should send out and where they should send them.

Fair Action puts pressure on companies

Fair Action is a non-profit organization that works to get companies to take responsibility for their impact on people and the environment. The organization investigates how products and services are produced and pushes companies to improve their working conditions and pay living wages. Find out more on Fair Action’s website.

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