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A more efficient organisation behind a functioning urban environment

Getting the urban environment in Stockholm to work smoothly is a big challenge for Stockholm Public Transport (SL), which serves nearly 900,000 passengers every day. To find a common structure to streamline the handling of the organisation’s extensive and complex project operations, SL turned to Semcon and the XLPM project methodology.


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SL, which is owned by Region Stockholm, is managed by the region’s Traffic Committee and Traffic Administration. The Administration’s job is to plan, order and follow up on traffic, as well as maintain existing and develop new infrastructure. Ensuring a functioning urban environment requires large and complex efforts on the part of the Traffic Administration. This places great demands on the organisation and its ability to work effectively together.

Clear roles

Semcon has been working with the Traffic Administration for many years. The latest collaboration has focused on developing the ability for portfolio management in order to give organisational management control over all projects and programmes within the organisation. One of the objectives of this work was to clarify roles within the organisation so that employees could feel secure in their roles, enabling them to work effectively and in a structured manner.

The more you have on your plate and the more complicated it is, the greater the demands are on how you work. A methodology like XLPM enables clear coordination gains.

– Jens Olow, Product Manager for XLPM at Semcon

Tailored training

Over the years, Semcon has conducted a number of different training courses, some of these in a standard format and others specifically customised for the Traffic Administration and their activities. In addition to training for project managers, managers have also received training in how to become more successful as a sponsor or steering group member, something that is of the utmost importance for achieving success in project operations.

A common structure

Through the work with Semcon, the Traffic Administration has been able to identify and clarify which responsibilities and authorities different groups need to have. A common methodology within the organisation, XLPM, creates opportunities for boosting efficiency and establishing clearer areas of responsibility, which helps work to move forward more quickly throughout the organisation.

Semcon provided support to the Traffic Administration in the form of:

  • Internal training for managers, project managers, etc.

  • Support in the development of the organisation’s project and programme handbook

  • Implementation of portfolio management

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