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What is digitization?

In an age when digitization is everywhere in our society, it’s easy to feel confused about what the term actually means. Digitization is described as a paradigm shift, a revolution comparable with industrialism in the early 20th century. But how is the term defined, what does it mean more specifically, and how do we apply digital dimensions to existing products?


Digitization is part of a technological process that aims to use digital technology to improve and streamline operations. This may involve faster development of existing operations or inventing completely novel innovations using new technical solutions. This affects all kinds of industries, from heavy industry to medical care and shopping.

Digitization focusing on users

Few people would disagree that digitization is here to stay. But what does this revolution mean as regards all the products we use every day? The number of connected devices has skyrocketed of late, and we’re expecting to see around 30 billion connected devices by 2020. At the same time, surveys show that technology is proving to be an increasing source of frustration. If we’re to be able to exploit the full potential of the new digital and connected products, we have to begin with users, not technology.

At Semcon, we use the generic name Smart for novel, innovative solutions with connection technologies, cloud technology, big data, artificial intelligence, autonomy and so on. But to create a successful product, you need more than just the right technology. Semcon Smart combines technology, user experience and business models, creating useful products that customers want to pay for.

Important perspectives to consider for digitization

When a company is to digitise an existing product or create an entirely new connected product, incorporating all three perspectives – the user, the business and the technology – is important. We use Semcon’s Smart Partner Model to take into account all the important steps in the development of your smart product.

It’s important to remember that a device isn’t smart just because it’s connected – digitising a product must add value for the user. The end user’s needs and behaviours are what must form a basis for all product development.

The digitization age - Are you ready for the technology of the future?

The digitization age – we live in exciting times. Completely new products and services have been created in just a few years. Simply by connecting together computers and mobile devices in a boundless network. But what would happen if we were to take another step forward in this transformation? If we were to connect everything we have around us? Lights, cars, fridges? Manufacturing robots, medical instruments and ourselves?

At Semcon, we explore where the new technology can take us and how we can use it to create relevant, user-friendly products for the future, as effectively as possible. Working together with our experts in IT, UX, product development and industrial technology, we have the holistic approach and the insight to turn technical potential into commercial concepts.

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