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In order to support our customers from first idea to finished solution, we at Semcon always have a strong focus on innovation. One place that enables innovative creativity is the Semcon lab. Here, employees can experiment with new technology, get tips from colleagues and get to know each other across departments.


With over 40 years of experience in developing products and services, we know all about the importance of being able to test, build prototypes, troubleshoot and really get in to the nitty gritties of technology.

To come here and solder, drill and build prototypes is a nice break from sitting in front of the computer coding.

– Golam Shahanoor, Software Developer at Semcon

Combining the digital and the physical

Semcon’s strength lies in the combination of physical and digital. Because we are convinced that in the future, just like now, we will live in a society full of both physical and digital worlds – worlds that are increasingly intertwined. Those who best navigate and unite the different worlds will also be able to generate extra value and benefit to those who use the technology in the end. This is how we at Semcon help to increase our customers’ competitiveness.

The lab at Semcon’s Gothenburg office includes equipment for soldering, troubleshooting circuit boards, testing new sensors or 3D printing. The network in the lab is specially adapted for lab operations where it is possible to connect IoT products to test connection. It is a place where ideas are born and have space to develop. Both for everyday support for our professional engineers, but also for private hobby projects and as a meeting place for everyone with an interest in technology. A forum for exchanging knowledge and ideas.

The lab is a magical place. Here we have the tools that can help us transform a good idea into a real prototype or proof of concept.

– Rasmus Jansson, Design Engineer at Semcon

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