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Life Sticker

Semcon has developed a smart door alert device known as Life Sticker that will only cost two euros to produce. A prototype has been developed that can be stuck easily to any car, anywhere in the world. Life Sticker provides notification of cyclists approaching in order to prevent accidents.


Any car door that’s opened suddenly can have serious consequences, especially if cyclists or motorcyclists are approaching from the rear. 85% of 1500 cyclists who responded to our survey have experienced dooring, and this issue causes thousands of accidents every year. We want to do something about this problem, and we can. The latest technology, all in a little sticker.

Semcon’s patent pending solution is called Life Sticker. Life Sticker can be stuck easily to a door mirror, no matter what kind of car you have – old or new. When a cyclist approaches, the driver is alerted in time and can avoid opening the door into the cyclist, thereby preventing an accident. An initial prototype has already been completed.

Basim Ali, Technical Lead at Semcon’s Innovation Lab, about the technology behind Life Sticker.

Sustainable product development

The concept was developed as part of an internal competition. Employees from all over the world were encouraged to develop technical solutions based on the UN’s sustainability targets. The winner, Duokai Wang from Semcon’s Shanghai office, came up with the idea of the door alert device with a view to reducing the number of road accidents all over the world. Life Sticker has taken shape in partnership with Semcon’s Innovation Lab.

This is a proof of how our innovative force can make a difference.

– Markus Granlund, CEO at Semcon


Life Sticker is one example of how Semcon’s innovation model can be used to make a difference. The project fills a clear gap in the market and combines new technology with a production cost aimed at two euros per unit.

The next step will be to find the right partner so that it can be produced and made available to people all over the world.


Anders Sundin, Semcon

Anders Sundin

Business Manager