Engineering services and product information

Semcon is an international technology company active in the areas of engineering services and product information. We have 3,000 dedicated employees who are creating the future together with our customers.

Customers’ demands for expertise, innovation, ability to supply and market adaptation, encourage us to constantly be at the cutting edge throughout the entire product development chain. We challenge ourselves everyday to be in the forefront and we develop the products and systems for the future.

Our customers are active in many different development-intensive industries, which provide extensive industrial expertise that benefits all customers.

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2015-05-29 · News article

New version: XLPM 2.2 is launched!

XLPM is a world class project methodology that is constantly being upgraded and developed to be in the front line. In May 2014 XLPM 2.0 was launched and we are now happy to present XLPM 2.2 with many improved features for our users.

2015-05-25 · News article

How smart is your house?

If smartphones have represented the biggest global revolution over the past ten years then smart homes have all the prerequisites for being the next biggest trend. Classic needs like personal security and comforts are steering developments of new technologies at reasonable prices.

2015-05-19 · News article

Design changes from scratch

When you hold a product in your hand you quickly realize how important design is for your experience, both of the thing you are holding and the company that made it. If they have worked strategically with their design then you’ll see how the product ties in with the rest of the offer and the company’s appearance. Someone has considered your experience and worked consciously to create it. A designer has been involved in the strategy phase.


Case: More successful projects with effective requirement engineering

To further safeguard high-level project success and shorter lead times DeLaval’s Automatic Milking Systems wanted to improve expertise in setting good requirements.

Proud partner of SOS Children's Villages

The children’s village in Bhimtal, northern India, will be considerably renovated. Semcon’s colleagues at the office in Bangalore will also help the villages in Bangalore, Tirupati and Puducherry in southern India.

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